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Contact: Regin Jensen • Tjørnevang 2 • DK-3400 Hillerød • Denmark • Tel +45 4825 3899


Selvtænkende arme og ben udlejes.

Arbejder indenfor industrien med validering og reparation af diverse maskiner, konstruktion og fremstilling af specialstyringer samt med sprøjtestøbning, hvilket blandt andet har bragt mig til Kina et par gange for at opstarte produktion samt at fejlfinde på eksisterende processer. Opstiller desuden blandede netværk med såvel CNC maskiner som PC'er.

Ved også en del om godkendelse af biler til gadebrug i Danmark. Dette har endvidere afstedkommet et par sager ved Skatteforvaltningens klageinstanser, hvor jeg har fået medhold i 18 sager og tabt én, hvilket understreger min tilgang til dokumentation.

Kontakt: Foretrukket pr. email, som sædvanligvis besvares meget hurtigt.

- telefon (+45) 4087 9999

krypteret email til sikkermail (at) rj.dk - certifikatet er at finde i den offentlige database.

Industrial technician with widespread yet deep knowledge to almost any task involved within the plastic injection moulding industry including both technical and administrative tasks in a GxP environment: Running in moulds, troubleshooting of moulding processes and machinery as well as development of new equipment and validation. I have good IT skills, a fair insight in CNC machinery and computers on the technical side. Challenges are always met with a go-do attitude.

·         Validation of moulding processes, equipment and Injection moulding in GMP Environnment

·         Run ins of injection moulding tools

·         Troubleshooting

·         Equipment Installation

·         Design of support equipment



Education / Training

Education: "A-level" Allerød Amts Gymnasium 1984.

Fireman including Breathing Apparatus (CABA)

Certification of "Advanced user of Netstal injection moulding machine"

Certification in GxP at Novo Nordisk

Validation performer of Pressure measurement systems for high volume production tools


Work experience


1977- present

I have been working with injection moulding from 1977 - as after school work at a plastic injection moulding factory until founding my own company, under which I have been working as a consultant since. Involved in a wide-range of studies including both mechanical work, electrical work and setting up and validating injection moulding equipment and processes.


07/2017-09/2017 Novo Nordisk A/S DMD:

Establishment of new machine slot for Husky injection moulding machine in existing moulding lab. Task has involved anything from design of the slot to implementation. Technical installation of Engel moulding machine.


06/2012-08/2017 Novo Nordisk A/S department 043:

Main tasks:

Technical support to implementation of process monitoring systems used as mitigation to S4/S5 risks in medical device production.

Validation of the above systems in GMP environment. Process optimization in GMP environment. 11 moulds in six months, further validation and or support to validation of approximately ten moulds over the following three years.

Investigation of corrosion issues in moulds.

Secondary tasks:

Technical support to high volume production tools and supporting equipment in GMP environment.

Programming and validation of servo drive controllers in GMP environment.

Construction and build of supporting devices for mainly mould protection.


1984-present CC Plast A/S

Setter, substitute foreman, technical troubleshooter, IT responsible etc. This is where I picked my go-do attitude and also where I started work-life in 1977.


2002-2019 Danish agent for Caterham Cars UK - now working with CaterhamNordic

Involves anything from having the car type approved, dealing with authorities such as the Road Safety Agency and Customs and Excise, engine tuning, data analysis to plain selling. Ongoing tasks are customer- and technical support plus securing compliance. Part of the process was to lean the rules and to prove good documentation practice towards the authorities. In total approximately 65 cars have been registered in Denmark, further there is a number of track cars.



Stand in technician to support medical production at a site, where staff had been laid off due to outsourcing. Was hired by the end customer, hence working in a high conflict area.


09/2016-11/2016 Stettin, Poland:

Validation of injecting moulding processes for medical devices.

Part of a team of five persons. Managed to validate more than 15 processes within three weeks.

During the start up of the process I set up a local network to enable the team to share documents, information and printers on a server to ease up the workload.


2010-2016 Novo Nordisk A/S department 305

Moulding tests in laboratory, support to medical devices R&D projects. Ad hoc support to production quality investigations. Test of new materials. Ad hoc support to medical devices R/D projects. Machine installation ad operatiion. Testing hot/cold equipment and process. In total around 1,000 trials have been run.


2010-present Saxe Hansen A/S

Technical installation of approximately 45 moulding machines in GMP production area, currently working on ad hoc projects for use primarily in GXP environment.


1999-2008 GN Netcom

Was involved in surface optimising, both where the process was the problem, but also where depositing was. There has been tasks varying between running in new moulds and setting up, in China, a by me designed and produced PLC controller managing 15 core pulls. Further to this I have been troubleshooting ultrasonic welding as stand alone consultant in China.


2003-2007 Helarco A/S

Substitute foreman at Helarco A/S during holidays and illness of their own staff. The task has been to ensure all processes (mainly moulding) were running satisfactorily.


1985-2005 Triotek A/S

Mainly acted as trouble shooting consultant regarding plastic injection moulding, but also acted as stand in for the managers. Ultimately, over a period of 6 months, helped, as an Interim Manager closing down the company when one of the owners passed away.


1987-1996 Part time fireman - with BA.

Involved in several life threatening operations. Have successfully performed life saving operations under difficult conditions involving CABA and proven outstanding stress management under critical conditions.
















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